Redline Syndicate music group was formed in late 2018 by veteran Moscow rockers Jeff Mack (vocals) and Chris Chalmers (guitar) and later joined by Daniel Buck (drums), Daryl Mead (bass), Linda Mullin (keys), and Kent Nelson (guitar). Previous related band projects, Vial 8, Scatter Creek, Blacklist, Chaos, etc., have brought these musicians together to create a new approach to classic hard rock. Since forming, these Moscow residents have been focused on writing all original material with an occasional cover tune for fun.

The combined talent, similar musical interests, years of performing in multiple bands, and sharing stages with the likes of Joan Jett, Tesla, and Godsmack, to name a few, has created a mixture of multiple styles. From rocker tunes to songs with a southern rock feel and an occasional country twang, Redline Syndicate is sure to please multiple listeners of varying different musical interests.