— Jay Starnes, Entertainment director for Boomers' Garden

In the PRESS

— Janet Starz, Owner & CEO Rock$tarzz Hospitality Promotionz

"Redline Syndicate is definitely the best opening band for National acts that I have had at Boomers' Garden. They are definitely headliner material. I have known Jeff, the lead singer from another great band, but this bands music is very rounded and polished. Professionals on and of the stage. Thank you Redline Syndicate for performing at Boomers' Garden."


"I have had Redline Syndicate play events and club shows for Rock$tarzz Hospitality Promotionz. The band is a great opener for big national acts as well as headlining shows. They are very skilled musicians and always professional. I have no question they will go far in the music business. They have already become a local favorite. I would recommend Redline Syndicate for any event, I would use them again in the near future."